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Related post: Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 20:55:09 EST From: Subject: REUNITED WITH DAD-5Danny After the barbeque at my xxx pedo pre-teens dad's house, the group of us; me (Danny), Mikey, Eric, Shawn, Berry, Chris, and Trevor (Mikey's supposedly str8 roommate) russian non-nude pre-teen drove to the bachelor's party in 2 cars. Me, Eric, and Mikey drove together in Mike's car. Eric sat in the back seat like the celebrity he was! Trevor (Mike's friend) was a little peed that he couldn't ride with us, but we needed some privacy from the other guys to catch up and reminice about old times!"So naked pre-teen girls photo have either of you met this chick Kev's marrying?" asked Eric, bouncing along for the ride."I have. She's cute." said Mikey."That explains everything." said Eric, being a smart ass. "I mean how is she as a person? Is she asian pre-teen supermodel worthy of our boy Kev?""Well, she's no DANNY pre-teen nude if that's what you mean!" said Mikey, leading the second car which followed behind us. "But from what I've observed...""Ooo 'observed', police talk!" teased Eric."From what I OBSERVED..." india porn pre-teen hardcore repeated Mikey with a chuckle. "...she seems really nice! I sometimes catch them together at the mall of the shopping center or supermarket.""Yall not as close as we used to be?" asked Eric, disappointment in his voice."No. We don't have each other over for drinks or watch the game together, -if that's what you mean. But we still speak when we see each other every now and then. And if time allows, we'll talk for a few minutes to see if either of us had heard from either of you." Eric and I got real silent after that last statement. It sounded as if we'd both abandoned our friends, which really wasn't the case. Eric had been off chasing his dream of being a football player and living with the disappointment of not obtaining his goal for long, while I had work and Alison pre-teens sexe to deal with, -plus my strained relationship with my russian boys pre-teen dad kept me from wanting to return to Springdale in the last 10 years or so!"So..." started Mikey, sensing some tension in the air. " do you like living in sunny Florida?" he asked Eric, whom had been staring quietly out the window."I don't." said Eric, flatly. "It's just a constant reminder of the life I can no longer obtain!" he said, to our surprise."Are you thinking of moving back to Springdale?" asked Mikey, looking back at Eric through his rear-view mirror."I'm thinking erotics photos of pre-teens about pre-teen-nudist it." he said nonchalantly, looking out the window again. pre-teen girls models naked I knew that wouldn't be an easy decision for him to make. It would be like quitting his dream to move to young pre-teen porn back home. I couldn't help feeling a little sorry for him, young pre-teens models pictures despite his moment in the sun."That's great!" responded Mikey. "The Three Musketeers!" he joked. "All we need porno photos pre-teen now is for Danny to move back, and we can all be friends pre-teen fuck videos again -like old times!""That's not going to happen!" I insisted."Why not?" asked Mikey, sounding disappointed as he touched my thigh."Cause I live in pre-teen bikini girls Bridgeport!" I reminded him. "I have a job there, and a...""But you said you and your girlfriend broke up! And you can find a job in Springdale! Plus you could be closer to your dad, and model young pre-teen I know you want that!" reasoned Mikey."I'm not too sure about that." I said under my breath as I looked out the window. Here I found dad giving it up russian pre-teen vids to everyone except ME! What made Mack and Eric so special, that nude pre-teen girls his own son couldn't share in? "Let's just change the subject! Whose throwing this bachelor's party anyway?""The best man!" said Mikey. Me and Eric looked back at each other."And who the fuck is that?" asked Eric, sounding a tad jealous. He and Kev were best friends all through junior high and high school, yet Kevin choose someone kinder pre-teens pics else to stand by his side at his wedding!"The bride's brother, I think! I'm not too sure." said Mikey. "I'm not really in his life like that anymore, remember?""Will I have to meet this mother fucker!" said Eric jokingly, pretending to be jealous."I illeagle pre-teen nude pics don't think Kevin even knows either of you are coming! I know I certainly didn't tell him!" added Mike."Then I hope he ready for the surprise!" I said, as illegal pre-teen sex sites we pulled into the hotel's parking lot. We parked pre-teen video and waited for the second car to arrive behind us, then we pre-teen love all took the elevator up to the 14th floor together. The "best man" had rented a huge suit for the party. There were already about 10 guys there or so (including Kalif) when we arrived. I recognized one or two from high school, but they weren't friends I associated with back then. pre-teen boys cock Kevin must've befriended them during our adult years. The others were friends, co-workers, and pre-teen underwear models family members of the bride. The best man and the groom hadn't arrived yet. Kalif told us of the "big thai pre-teens surprise" he had awaiting Kevin in the bedroom. "Three of my hottest, bestest girls!" -he teased, "Guaranteed to give ole Kev the BEST night of his life!""Cool..." said Eric, slapping hands in a pre-teen ilegal naked greeting with Kalif. "...don't make him forget he about to say 'I do' now..., we don't want him to enjoy it too much!" We all laughed and tried to catch up with each other's lives as german pre-teen sex we ordered drinks from the bar. Much to my surprise, hardcore pre-teen porn pics I recognized the bartender as JON from "Rosco's" serving drinks! You could imagine our shocked expressions when we spotted each other."uh..." he said, not knowing my name as I walked up to the make-shift bar unit the hotel set up for the party. "I didn't know you'd be here!" he whispered, trying to play it cool to save face in front of any eavesdroppers."Like-wise!" I said, ordering a beer. He reached down and handed it to me without once taking his eyes off me."You know, I waited for you at the bar the pre-teen girls models other night. I was hoping you'd return for a..., another go at it." he admitted, handing me my beer. "But you never showed.""I came back that night!" I admitted. "Albeit a little late. You'd already closed up shop when I got there." I added, taking a swig."You should've knocked, I live right in back of the bar!" he advised."Really? I didn't know!" I said, knowing better next pregnant pre-teen bondage time. Of course, extrem pre-teen sex had I caught Jon that night, I wouldn't have run into Mikey until tonight. Which means I wouldn't have had all the dick we'd had at Kalif's club! Priceless!"Yeah..., I sank all of my savings into buying that bar from ole Rosco a few years ago, thought it'd save me a lot of money on renting an apt if I just pre-teen young models moved into the old storage room in the back.""Oh?" I said, surprised. If he only knew how familiar I was with that room! Rosco and his patron friends of my dad's used to butt fuck me daily in that back room while unsuspecting customers sat out pre-teen nudists bbs front drinking. Oh the history that bar could tell if those walls could talk!"Had to do a little remodeling, though." continued Jon, making small talk. "Added a kitchenette, expanded the bathroom to include a pre-teen xxx movie clips shower...""Is it legal to live in a bar?" I whispered, curiously."I don't know..., but so long as no one knows about it..." he smiled."You 2 know each other?" asked Eric, walking up to the bar beside me."Yes. Jon here owns Rosco's old Tavern!" I said, trying to sound normal. "Jon, this is one of my oldest friends, and classmate's -Eric...""Eric Sawyer? The Quarter back?" asked Jon, having heard of him. Eric nodded, modestly. Jon shook his hand, telling Eric how good a sportsmen he was during his first season. Eric beamed, happy to be recognized and appreciated. hot pre-teens Then Jon gave his condolences on his injury. I felt them 2 to talk sports while I went over to the buffet to hang pre-teen porn sites with Mikey and his roommate Trevor."I would LOVE to get a REUNION pre-wedding orgy going with hot pre-teen sex you, me, Eric, and Kevin!" whispered Mikey, looking around the room. "Except with Kevin getting married, I don't see how we can get him alone and away from his best man, AND I don't even know if he and Eric are still down like that!""Well, I don't know about Kevin, but I just witnessed Eric getting his cock pre-teen nudes free pics sucked at my dad's house." I whispered back into Mikey's ear, as we sampled the food."Really?" surprised pre-teens studios Mikey, gleefully. "From who?""My dad!" I said."Wow..., I nudes pre-teens TOLD you your dad was still hot!" said Mikey, getting excited. "How'd you find them? Did they know you were looking?" he asked, enthusiastically. But before I could respond, someone pre-teen sex storys got a cell phone call saying that the Groom and Best man were free pre-teen non-nude pics coming up on the elevator. Someone cut the lights, and everyone hid. I crotched down behind the bar unit with Jon, and felt his big pre-teens fuck hands filling up my ass from the bottom."I'd like to try THIS out, next time." he whispered in my ear, making my cock hard. A few minutes later, the door opened, and everyone jumped up out from hiding, screaming...""SURPRISE!!" Kevin did indeed look surprised (and good, I might add!). He now sported a black beard and mustache, with a short cut (slightly receding) hair line. He was a little thicker in tiny pre-teens nude weight (about 190 pounds now), but solid. He was greeted by a bunch of well wishers, -shaking hands and being pat profusely on his back. He hugged Mikey, Kalif, and the other guys photos of pre-teen teens and nearly pre-teen pornstars passed out when he saw Eric (the football hero)! They hugged and laughed like old times. Someone handed him a drink as he was congratulated on his pre-nuptials. I was still feeling kind of nervous about seeing him again after so long! pre-teen model nylons I mean, the last time I'd seen Kevin, was when free pre-teenie vids we broke up after he dropped out of college! That wasn't a good time. And I wasn't suddenly sure he'd be too happy to see me again after that."So..., when would you like to get together?" I asked Jon, turning my attentions back to him."Whenever you ready." said Jon, calmly. "Just stop by the bar some night, I'm usually there alone to count out receipts after work.""Cool." I said, feeling more comfortable talking to him than looking at Kevin. "I'm not sure tgp sites pre-teen how much longer I'll be in town, so we'll make it soon. Okay?""uh..., okay." said Jon, looking behind me."So..., you're not going to wish the groom good-luck?" I heard a voice say from behind. I turned, to see Kevin standing there, -eyes ed pre-teen girls a bit red from drinking earlier with the best man, but still sexy nevertheless."Of course, man! I...I just didn't want to intercept your celebration!" I said, reaching out to shake his hand. "Congratulations!" Kevin looked down at my hand as if insulted, then took a couple of steps towards me and wrapped his big strong arms around me and squeezed. I hugged him back just as hard. We stood there for about a full minute, without saying anything. Then Kevin whispered...."Thanks man! You look good! I'm glad you could make it!""I wouldn't have it any other way!" I said, backing away from him as if he were contagious. I could feel myself starting pre-teen girl model list to get aroused. free teen pre-teen sex "So..., how long've you and...?""Miranda.""...Miranda, been together?" I asked, trying my best to look casually unaffected."About 4 years. She's great man! I think pre-teen images free porn you'd like her!" he grinned, happily. I doubted it! "What about you? Are you seeing someone?" he asked enthusiastically. "I..., I heard you were dating some girl named Alison. Is she in town with you?" Just as I was getting ready to spill my guts about my big break-up with Ali, the music started, and out of petite pre-teen the bedroom came 3 of Kalif's girls; one white, one black, and one asian. There pre-teens getting fucked were dressed in army style trench coats and pre-teen none nude stilettos, marching into the room like soldiers to one of rap music's latest hits. The best man (Paul) pulled Kevin away from me and sat him in the "center chair" of the room while the women all circled him in a dance, touching and feeling up his head and shoulders. The guys all clapped and chanted as each pre-teens model gallery girl stood erotic pre-teen pictures infront of Kevin, and slowly pealed off their coats to reveal naked tits and thongs! Then they would shake their breasts in his face or straddle his thighs for an erotic lap dance. Kevin laughed and drank as the girls focused pre-teen girls having sex in on him. Some of the guys poured beer over his head and into his open mouth as he quickly got wasted by licking beer off the stripper's tits. The men all went wild from watching, drinking and doing varies drugs on the side. Another girl (the blk one) removed her thong, bending over in front of Kevin to give him a good look at her ass and pussy. Then she pre-teen cartoons fingered herself, and ran the finger over Kevin's lips! He sucked her finger into his mouth, then she grabbed his head and shoved his face down into her cunt (much to his soon to be brother in-law's virgin pre-teen pics surprise)! I couldn't see chinese pre-teen models Kevin's face, but I could tell by her gyrating that he was licking her clit pretty good. As soon as she left, another girl (the wht one) took her place and began rubbing his dick bulge. She unzipped his pants, pulling out his cock for all to see, then sat down on it in one swoop. The room went into an uproar as she bounced up and down on him, fucking herself silly (this was Kalif's surprise?). After a few minutes, she got pre-teen lust gallery up and another girl took HER place. Kevin's cock was hard, japan pre-teen sex and wet, as the next girl (the asian) sat down on his cock and started bouncing. I couldn't believe my eyes, is this what they did at free pre-teen porn photos bachelor parties? Each girl gave pre-teen fuck pics free Kevin a hot lap dance, riding his cock with 3 different pussies until he was leaking pre-cum and ready to pop! Then the girls danced around the party goers, gathering tips and giving other lap dances as men tried to finger their pussies or eat them out before they moved on to the next guy. These girls were making pre-teen gays pics a killing, shaking their tits and asses to grab girl pre-teen sexy porn an extra pre-teens modles buck. I saw the best man on his knees eating one girl out, while another man lay on the floor while another stripper say on his face for a $20. While the men all focused on the women, Mikey and I were much more interested in checking out the straight guys packages. He and I shared a knowing glance, both desiring a repeat of Kalif's strip club suckfest orgy we performed at the gloryholes the other night! We saw some of the men exposing their hardons when the girls came around to them, rubbed their pussies and asses against the guys hardon, or stroking them in their hands while bending over to touch their toes. Some of the guys managed to slip into the free pre-teen gallery girls pussies, feeling their hard dicks sink into their wet cunts for a few good strokes before the girls pulled off and moved on. Soon, they were getting fucked full fledged, legs spread wide as men took turns laying between them and fucking them full of hot cock! The party rocked on for several hours until about 3am as men came everywhere, shooting cum in and on pussies, asses, tits, illegal pre-teens porn faces, lips, and all over the floors. Head bobbed, asses humped, pussies gobbled, and men were shooting like free pre-teen mpegs fireworks on the Forth of July! Each girl had about pre-teen grils 4 men on them, touching their bodies while waiting in line to fuck. I noticed Mikey's head bobbing between the legs of one guy while he was sleeping passed out on the couch. Mike must have sucked about 4 or 5 dicks during the fuckfest. I even saw his "straight" roommate Trevor sneaking off into the bathroom with another guy. Lord knows what 2 straight men were doing in there together. I managed to get another taste of Jon behind the bar. I sank to my knees while everyone was preoccupied, and swallowed his dick until he fed me cum. By 4am, Kalif was leaving with his rich girls. The party quickly ended after that, as men poured out the door in groves. I said my goodnights to Jon, promising to stop by his bar before I left town. Soon it was just me, Mikey, Eric, Kevin, and Trevor (yup Trevor, how'd he get into the story?) left to clean up after the party. We were finishing up the russian pre-teen naked images last few bottles of booze, when we decided to leave the mess for the maids in the morning. Eric helped Kevin into the bedroom to sleep off his high before the wedding in the morning, while the rest of us sort of lounged around. Eric came back into the room, asking Mike for a ride."I thought we were all crashing here for nn pre-teen the night?" pre-teensphotos nude said Mikey, sounding disappointed."I'm sure Danny wouldn't mind watching over Kevin tonight. Besides, they could use a few hours going over old times." said Eric, with a wink. "So, can I get a lift?""uh..., sure." said Mikey, getting up from the crunchy couch. He and Trevor donned their jackets. "Where you headed?" he asked, curiously."You can drop me off at Dan's dad's." he smiled, pre-teens studio photos pushing Mike out the door before we could fotos pre-teens respond. So dad had invited Eric to stay with him at his place tonight? That should be interesting. I cut out the lights and locked the suite door, then went into the bedroom where I expected to see Kevin fast asleep. But instead, he was sitting up on the side of the bed, rubbing his head as if he had a hangover already."How'r you feeling?" I asked, concerned."Like I fell off a horse, and was dragged 40 miles." exaggerated Kevin."You'll feel better by morning." I said, peeling off my shirt as I prepared to sleep pre-teen cheerleader pictures in the spare bed beside his. I saw pre-teen underwear modles Kevin young pre-teens naked looking at me nervously through cut eyes."Did I really fuck 3 different women tonight? Miranda would KILL me if she finds out! Her brother was there...!""I doubt her brother has room to preach..., I saw him fuck 2 different girls, AND saw Mikey suck his cock while he was passed out drunk!" I laughed, settling Kev's worries. "You just relax and try to get some sleep." I said, taking off my jeans and underwear. "I'm going to take a shower before bed." I added, heading back out into the bathroom. I got into the tub, pre-teens fisting started the shower, and began lathering up my body. The hot water felt good against my skin as I bathed myself thoroughly. I was half way done, when Kevin came in to use the toilet. I heard him pissing in the bowl, then was surprised when pre-teen pdo he pulled back the drapes to show he was completely pre-teen models bbs naked."I asian pre-teen fuck video decided I wanted to shower too..." he said, stepping in behind me. "...I want to get some of this pussy smell off of me!" We shared the shower, each taking turns in front of the spray to lather ourselves up. I washed Kevin's back, and he washed mine. I could feel his hardon poking my butt. When he started kissing my bare shoulder, I knew what was on his mind. I turned around to face him, then sank down to my knees in front of him. Kevin's cock looked pre-teen nude sex exactly the same as it did when we were horny kids. Lord knows I knew it like the back of my hand, having lived with it for a full year in college. I took his pre-teen no nude cock into my mouth, and started sucking. Kevin braced himself against the shower as I took him all the way into the very back of my throat on the first plunge."My god...." he groaned, feeling my face plaster against his pelvic bone. I mashed my face in his groin, churning Kev's 7 and 1/2 inch cock around in my throat before slowly sliding back up the slick shaft to suck feverishly on the flaring head. Kevin's body trembled as I sucked, then swallowed his cock all the models pre-teen non nude way back down to the root. I don't think he was used to pre-teen russian such service from his soon to be wife. I wanted him to know exactly what he would be missing by marrying a woman instead of..., well, me."Wow, Danny...., you're as good as ever, man..." he moaned, pre-teen russian illegal leaning his back against the wall as he gave me complete and total access to his dick. I swallowed him over and over, taking every inch he had as I made tender and sweet love to his cock, taking it in good underage pre-teen girls care as I suckled it with firm lips and a curious tongue. I bobbed my head back and forth his meat, determined ot do a good job, as it was sure to be my last chance at having it. I sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed, until his cock was throbbing like a sore pre-teen child models between my pursed lips. Kevin grabbed at the tile fixtures for support, as his cock started pre-teen porn video to throb between my lips. I quickened my pace, determined to finish him off. I could hear Kevin's breathing increase, as he suddenly burst cum into my sucking mouth like an explosion."OH shit, Danny...., I'm gonna..., I'm... uuuhhHHHHH!!" he yelled, filling my mouth with spurt and spurt of hot thick creamy cum bursts. I drank his load as it spilled out of him, swallowing everything he had to give. When he was done cumming, I sucked his cock until I was sure I had consumed all of his juices. He helped me back up to my pre-teen model download feet, both of our cocks still rock hard with excitement. We finished our shower, then dried off and headed back to the bedroom. I went underage pre-teen over to my pre-teen free vids side of the room, when Kevin suddenly asked why was I sleeping all the way over there? I pre-teen sex pictures knew what that mean, as I got up out of bed, and trotted over to his side, and got in. He cuddled up behind me as we slowly drifted off to sleep. I could feel his hardon still pre-teens nudist gallery poking me in my butt.
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